A Morocco based company who produces, sells, and exports extra virgin olive oil in bulk and in bottles.


Our Olive Oil

Our olive oil comes exclusively from our own fields, thus guaranteeing a rigorous hygiene and total traceability. It is a sweet and fruity extra-virgin oil produced from green olives, harvested at the beginning of the season, which gives it its character and this note of herbaceous freshness.

Diolive has made quality its essential vector with the aim of ensuring a product of the highest quality.

It is an extra virgin oil of the best category, cold extracted, obtained by mechanical means and natural processes, with characteristics unchanged by temperature and light.

It is a natural product with a fruity taste that can be consumed immediately after its extraction.


Picking our olives

Did you know that the Olive Harvest is also known olivades or olivaison?

This step is crucial to obtain a good quality olive oil. This is why the picking of our olives is done when they are still green, in the beginning of the season. The oil thus retains all its aromatic power.

The harvesting is done using high-tech machines, preventing the olives from touching the ground and allowing a very fast harvest without damaging either the tree or the fruit.

The olives are then immediately transported to the crushing plant located in the fields and everything happens in an orderly manner, that the time that elapses between harvesting and grinding does not exceed 30minutes.


Retention of our oil

Over time, Diolive has acquired, either through external growth or by developing in-house skills, know-how in production and conservation.

The safety of our customers is for us the highest priority:

Once produced, the oil is stored under hygienic conditions in tanks protected from light, odors and other external agents and temperature controlled.

It is kept in stainless steel tanks until it is placed in a container.



Huile d'olive


Diolive is certified "Global Gap" for its agricultural sector, a certification guaranteeing good practices in agricultural according to international standards (www.globalgap.org) The Diolive crushing plant, located in the center of the olive plantation, is certified ISO 22000 .It was awarded at SIAM 2017 in Meknes the price of the best crushing unit in Morocco.


ISO 22 000

Our brands


Extracted from our own estates in Fkih Bensaleh, Diolive is a Premium extra virgin olive oil that is sold only in Morocco and offered in bottles of : 1L, 2L, 5L, 25L, 50L.


O'vita is a premium extra virgin olive oil available for exportation in 10L, 5L and 3L bottles, cans and BIBs. This brand is cold-extracted and has an acidity level less than 0.3%.

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Our addresses:
Farm: Fqih Bensaleh, Beni Mellal Province. C.R. Krifat.
Road Fkih Bensaleh-Lbrouj

Headquarters: 95 Boulevard Mohamed 6
2nd floor Office 17
Casablanca, Morocco

Email : contact@diolive.ma

GSM: (+212)66 68 91 017

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